34oz insulated stainless steel French Press

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Birdie Glover

everything is fine, black coffee is brewed perfectly. Satisfied.

Shawna Pouros

Came in good condition. Very pleased. Looking quality.

Kara Schmitt

Very beautiful French press. Everything is fine.

Jordan Ondricka

The press is excellent. The walls are double and the outside is not heated.

Willa Pagac

Very cool French press! I'm happy! .

Every coffee enthusiast needs a French press.  When it comes to auto drip verses French press there is just no comparison.

This beautiful stainless steel French press is easy to use so you can quickly have a steaming cup of coffee made the way many fanatics swear is the best method. Also insulated to keep your favorite roast hot as you enjoy it.

  • Be sure to use course ground coffee when using French Press method.
  • Beautiful, durable stainless steel
  • Double wall vacuum insulated to keep coffee hot
  • 34oz capacity
  • Please allow 7-16 days for delivery. Thank you. 

    Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed. If you have any questions or concerns email us at info@wineandcoffeelover.com and we will take care of any problems ASAP